Last night my son got on the bus to travel to Pretoria and get his visa that will start his journey into adulthood.  Talking to him while we waited for the bus to show about what he can expect when traveling, what to look out for and general observations me and his stepdad made while traveling.  He was just like uhu, uummm, and I’ll remember.

The last thing I heard him say as he was walking to the bus was “Yessss”, as a beautiful young lady was spotted in the bus.  Watching as he disappeared into the bus I had to face some facts.

  1. He is not walking away from me, he is walking towards his destiny.
  2. It’s not the one leaving that feels the pain the most, it’s the one that stay behind.
  3. He will arrive in China and think of the people at home in a fleeting way.. and sometimes miss us terribly.  But, I will think of him every day, and miss him everyday.  Because I walk past his room, I see his friends in town, I know what he would have said in certain situations and most of all I’ll miss his presence in the house.
A little bit of nature to get me trough the day

I could not be more proud of him and I pray that I’ll be around to see the what he accomplish in his life.

Sidenote: My daughter decided to color her hair green for the holiday, and woke me by jumping on me this morning.  I can only thank God for giving me a daughter that knows what I need.  More about her later.


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