and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it
look like a pair of wings.”
Ariana Dancu

I’m 44 at this moment and thought I would be a photographer for the rest of my life.  Although I can’t imagine a life without photography, it will not be my final occupation.  We are thinking of also teaching abroad in 2019.  This year we will prepare ourselves for this new adventure.

My daughter will be homeschooled by us and will become a world traveler.  I can not imagine any way I can give her more for her future than broadening her horizons and changing her from a listener to a broadminded individual.

Changing lanes.  Sometimes you are so caught in expectations. Maybe what you think of yourself, what your parents think of you or even what your spouse and children think of you.  And I know as an individual it sometimes feels very uncomfortable to acknowledge and differentiate between feelings/ insecurities and reality.

Life is to short to not change lanes every now and then.  Sometimes big lanes like moving abroad and changing your whole perspective on normal and sometimes it is the little lanes like deciding to put yourself out there and start writing a blog.

2018 is my year of changing lanes.  I am committed to change what I do not like, to follow my dreams even if its totally outside of my comfort zone, to not let the opinion of others influence my decisions.

I am a strong, independent woman with the audacity to change my own life!


My Twilight Quest

My Girl the reader, thinker, artist and chef reading me a night time story

A million miles away from home

My “baby” is flying 11,230 km to reach China on Monday.  In mom language its a million miles.  I know I’m sending my son, to go do some going up and this is the last time he will be a boy.  In the past when he left for 2 weeks or a weekend I saw the changes in him.  How much difference will a year make?  Well he will be a young man, able to look after himself and make decisions that I will only be able to make suggestions on.

I knew this time was coming and did give the freedom to make choices this past year that I would have made when he was 17.  The difference is that I was close to fix stuff if something went terribly wrong.  Now I’ll be 11 230km away.

This letting go business is no fun.  I want him to knowI love you, I want you to have a great life, I will miss you every day, I can’t imagine a year without you, be save but take every opportunity, make mistakes and learn from them and You are an amazing son…


My Twilight Quest