A million miles away from home

My “baby” is flying 11,230 km to reach China on Monday.  In mom language its a million miles.  I know I’m sending my son, to go do some going up and this is the last time he will be a boy.  In the past when he left for 2 weeks or a weekend I saw the changes in him.  How much difference will a year make?  Well he will be a young man, able to look after himself and make decisions that I will only be able to make suggestions on.

I knew this time was coming and did give the freedom to make choices this past year that I would have made when he was 17.  The difference is that I was close to fix stuff if something went terribly wrong.  Now I’ll be 11 230km away.

This letting go business is no fun.  I want him to knowI love you, I want you to have a great life, I will miss you every day, I can’t imagine a year without you, be save but take every opportunity, make mistakes and learn from them and You are an amazing son…


My Twilight Quest