A million miles away from home

My “baby” is flying 11,230 km to reach China on Monday.  In mom language its a million miles.  I know I’m sending my son, to go do some going up and this is the last time he will be a boy.  In the past when he left for 2 weeks or a weekend I saw the changes in him.  How much difference will a year make?  Well he will be a young man, able to look after himself and make decisions that I will only be able to make suggestions on.

I knew this time was coming and did give the freedom to make choices this past year that I would have made when he was 17.  The difference is that I was close to fix stuff if something went terribly wrong.  Now I’ll be 11 230km away.

This letting go business is no fun.  I want him to knowI love you, I want you to have a great life, I will miss you every day, I can’t imagine a year without you, be save but take every opportunity, make mistakes and learn from them and You are an amazing son…


My Twilight Quest


“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.”
Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

Yes, so yesterday could a have gone better… I was in control of my day for the first few hours and then…

As you know my son is in Pretoria applying for his Visa on Wednesday by appointment.  Yesterday at 15:00 he call to say he left his Passport at home.  Control LOST.  I turned into my mother in a matter of seconds, “but I asked you if you had the passport twice before we reached the bus!” Ok so I must admit my very first reactions was, “Your joking, right?”

After a 5 min rant. Me channeling my inner “my mom” and him just staying calm and taking it like a trooper, saying how sorry he is every time I take a breath.  I rushed to Postnet to see if I could get his passport to him his morning before 9:00.  If you ever wondered about this, yes you can.  For R400 you can have a package sent locally overnight and have it delivered at dawn. I know but I’m usually totally laid back and opt for the deliver it any time tomorrow.

It took me about an hour to work trough the “I don’t care and he is suppose to go out on his own to a different country in a week.  How on earth will he survive” rant.  Then I phoned him talking with my own voice, back in control of my afternoon.  I could tell him its fine, be save and I love you.  In the end that is all that matters.


My Twilight Quest